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VIDOC, the leading system dedicated to ID and document verification.

For more than 8 years, VIDOC offers customers the leading solution for ID and Travel Document authentication used in a wide range of applications : Homeland Security, Official Document Issuance, Access Control, Airline and Airport Security.

Each year, VIDOC system deployed wordwilde over 45 countries scan more than 50 millions documents, operated by the most demanding customers such as Government, Immigration Services, Police, Airlines, Airports, Sensitive Site Security ...

With the feedback about experiences in Fraud Fighting, mainly learned on the ground of the most sensitive situation and country, we have developing a knowledge base covering 4000 wordwilde documents, genuine, faked or counterfeited.

A high level of relationship with authorities in charge of fighting both fraudulent documents and identity spoofing feeds our design goal to be the most efficient, reliable, comprehensive tool in a wide range of mission.

Related to document authentication, VIDOC offers Biometrics toolbox, database connectivity and networked operation.

Finally, VIDOC is available under a wide range of systems, hardware platform and integration


see PRMC Document Reader 

see  Combo Reader

>Vidoc is a ID and travel document authentication and verification system involved in the identity and document fraud fight :

  •  Governmental applications : Border Control, Immigration, ID control, Visa Issuers, Secure Document Issuers, Social Security, Unemployment insurance agency
  •  Airline security, Secured access control, sensitive site visitor screening,
  •  Support ICAO biometric verification, e-passport, e-documents.
  •  Automatic forgery detection, counterfeited and fake document detection.
  •  Automatic image quality check
  •  Interactive user interface with pictograms Intelligent indicator system
  The PRMC Document Reader 


>Operation principles

Powered by its dedicated full page scanner and five analysis illumination, VIDOC verifies in few seconds a complete set of security features, ink and paper quality, in visible light, Infra red and UV light.

Vidoc decodes MRZ codelines and reads contactless chip data from e-passports in a single and fully automated operation.

After extracting data with its powerful OCR, calculating checksum and cross-matching data with its several embedded databases, VIDOC delivers a fully detailed report to the operator.

Photography is extracted and automatically stored for further biometric search or archive.


>Document Examination and Detection Assistance.

In case of suspicion or when a detailed examination is needed, VIDOC provides to the operator, according document type, issuing country, document number and the issuing date what are the further checks to perform such as micro-print, optical variable ink, kinegram or hologram verifications.

Vidoc provides a examination tools box which allows to perform such task. : high enlarging e-microscope, image handling and manipulating tools.

Vidoc provides a complete set of embedded reference databases, updated monthly, of worldwide ID and travel documents. In option, these databases include a reference database of stolen and blank stolen documents, and alert notice concerning recurrent fake and counterfeit documents and other classified features.

This provides a efficient tool for the assessment and categorization of documents and perform a continuous training to operators which improve their competency and skill in document control.

>Automatic forgery detection, counterfeited and fake document detection.

The most efficient MRTD scanner coupled to the most powerful analysis software for formidable control.

>Document Control traceability

During document authentication operations, VIDOC delivers a complete workflow allowing a secured transmission of detailed data (manifest,PNR) on any networks (LAN/WAN) or on secured removable storage.

>Regulation databases.

In several missions, it’s usefull to get an real-time access to regulations. Vidoc provides different off-line regulation databases (travel, employment, immigration …) and several connectors to on-line central databases.

>24/7 Assistance

The VIDOC Expert HelpDesk assists operators and brings them a high-level assessment in case of doubt.

>VIDOC Database

With a 2000 worldwide documents reference database, a global summarization of forgery and counterfeit documents, stolen and blank stolen documents, VIDOC delivers the most exhaustive referential on fraud fight.

>Turnkey Solutions.

VIDOC is available under several hardware and software version, but also in turnkey solutions made for the most demanding needs.

>Regulation control.

Vidoc assists operator in regulation control and immigration rules. According document issuing country, origin, final destination, potential transit, the user-interface lists mandatory documents (VISA, TRANSIT VISA,…) required at departure or arrival.

>Automated Access to governmental database.

Vidoc automatically extracts identity and document information according ICA9303, BAC, EAC standards. Thus, automatic request on database could be performed. Contact-us to get more information about this functionality.

Vidoc provides 3 other embedded databases : stolen and blank stolen document , immigration and fraud alert notice, no-fly list, watching list. In option, a connection engine could query external governmental databases.

>Automatic Archive – Search engine

Vidoc stores in real-time all information related to analysis session. Scanned images, document and identity information are indexed in a database which can be browsed in real-time through a network (LAN/WAN) secured connection or transmitted to an granted authority.

This functionality allows to qualified remote experts to browse records using a powerful such engine for proceeding to complementary checks.

>Secured operations

Vidoc enables a large set of security features:

Secured scan with integrity control.

Secured transmission to authority (encryption and VPN)

Fast decision cycle. (less than 5 sec)

Encryption and digital signature of databases and workflow.

Anti-spoofing capabilities. PNR and APIS capabilities.

Automatic archive of illegal and forbidden documents

Statistics, Metrics, Reporting, Audit.

Moreover, a powerful statistic tool allows generating different report set using the full range of data type collected.

Last, this functionality allows to monitor migration flows, getting trends, according several criteria, origin, destination, flight number, airlines, fraud type, for optimizing and planning more efficient control.

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